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Safety Information

An eclipse is a rare and striking phenomenon you won't want to miss, but you must carefully follow safety procedures. Don't let the requisite warnings scare you away from witnessing this singular spectacle! You can experience the eclipse safely, but it is vital that you protect your eyes at all times with the proper solar filters. Learn more about the various safety tips to consider throughout the eclipse.

Looking directly at the Sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse (“totality”) when the Moon entirely blocks the Sun’s bright face, which will happen only within the narrow path of totality. 

While the number of eclipse visitors is hard to estimate, residents and visitors should expect increased activity on roadways, neighborhoods, public facilities, restaurants, parks, and retail stores. Hotels, short-term rentals, and campgrounds will be at peak…

Knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a difference in an emergency or helping yourself, family, or friends. You may consider taking a first aid class, but simply having the following supplies can help you stop bleeding, prevent infection, and assist in…


With so many people gathering in our county to witness this monumental event, here are some tips to make sure the eclipse event is fun and safe for everyone.


  • Do not trespass on private property.
  • Do not trespass on public properties that are closed.

Parking and Transportation:

  • Parking will be very limited; determine if there is public transportation where you plan to visit or be ready for long walks to where you are headed.
  • When parking, do so legally. Do not park in fire lanes; do not block driveways or roadways; doing so could hamper first responders from reaching those who need help.


  • Do not litter. This includes leaving trash or debris on either public or private property as well as throwing any garbage from a vehicle.
  • Avoid external lighting, flashlights, camera flashes, sparklers or other fireworks, or any light that would detract from the phenomena.