LivCo Sol

Tips for Visitors

Livingston County’s population of approximately 60,000 people is expected to swell during the impact period. It is best to arrive early, come prepared, and have reasonable expectations, given the situation. The Genesee River Valley is a beautiful, unique place, but please keep local hazards in mind and always know your surroundings.



  • Do not think, “We’ll just pick up what we need when we get there.” Supplies, cash, fuel, and restaurant meals may be limited or have long lines due to high demand.
  • Think about your personal safety and security:
    • Have a good communication plan with your family members. Cell service may be limited due to the increased volume. Have an out of area friend or family member you can check in with if you get separated. Pick a landmark where you can reunite if you get separated in a crowd.
    • Do not leave valuables in your vehicles. Think through your security plan and how to keep important items secure, i.e. cell phones, telescopes, binoculars, wallets, etc.
  • Make sure your vehicle/RV has been serviced and you are all fueled up and ready to go (gas, propane, etc.).
  • Help us keep our communities and public areas clean and safe; follow the rule “Pack it in, Pack it out!”



  • Eclipse viewing glasses
  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Necessary medications for you and your pets
  • Cash (ATMs may be limited during this time)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat/Visor
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Folding chairs
  • Jacket or sweatshirt (New York weather is unpredictable)
  • Snacks/food for the hours, days you plan to be with us
  • Prepaid phone card - if you need to call long distance and cellular service is not available
  • Maps of the area if you need directions (print your directions and bring them with you); your cellular service may be limited during heaviest impact times