After exploring trails and taking in autumn colors, cozy up at an elegant country estate.

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway, Livingston County offers an abundance of unique accommodations. From farm stays to historic estates, there is no shortage of places to post up, whether it’s a staycation, workcation or vacation.

When you visit the Genesee River Valley, you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a relaxing stay on an estate-style farm or homestead. Here the days are calmer and more serene. Modern amenities and comforts like heated floors and rainfall showerheads are balanced with classic decorations, creating an atmosphere that invites you to linger a little longer in bed, snuggle down in a chair with a good book, or kick your feet up over a fire. We've rounded out some recommendations for you to visit during the autumn months.


Hillcrest Estate

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Pavilion, New York

The Hillcrest Estate, built in 1899, is an elegant 120-acre property that has hosted a variety of guests including Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and Ethel Barrymore. Book your stay at this "mansion in the woods" and relax in spacious bedrooms that accommodate up to 10 guests. Hillcrest offers boutique experiences such as mystery dinner parties, wine dinners, and bachelorette parties. Owners Kate Wilcox Rodwell and Matthew Rodwell also offer accommodations in an on-site carriage house perfect for your next weekend getaway.


Hillcrest Estate Bed

Fox Creek Farm

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Caledonia, New York

Fall fun should always include a seasonal trip to an orchard or a farm, so why not make a vacation out of it? At Fox Creek Farm in the Genesee River Valley, guests can learn about the farm, interact with animals and cook their meals out of ingredients from the farm and surrounding area. The home itself is an 1800s farmhouse that has been updated with modern appliances and technology and can accommodate up to six guests. There are also trails all around the property for walks.

Hartford House

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Geneseo, New York

The Hartford House Bed & Breakfast is a National Landmark Historic Home that was built by Civil War General James S. Wadsworth in 1835 and has been continually occupied by members of the family ever since. Conveniently located on a 70-acre farm in the Village of Geneseo, you'll find a getaway fit for the whole family at Hartford House. For anyone with a hobby or interest in getting outdoors, this spot is home to the Genesee Volley Tennis and Croquet Club, an outdoor pool, and a free soil vegetable farm. You are welcome to explore the park-like grounds teeming with wildlife. It is not unusual to see deer, wild turkeys, foxes, red-tail hawks, and a multitude of other species!


Hartford House Pool

Charlton Farm

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Avon, New York

If history and architecture are a priority on your trip, then it’s worth checking out Charlton Farm in Avon. Located on the edge of the town, this home was built in 1894 by J. Foster Warner, the same architect for George Eastman’s mansion in Rochester, as a gift to Emmett Jennings and Emma Durand. Jennings is known for starting the stagecoach route that ran between Avon and Rochester. The massive house sits on 30 acres of land and will transport you back in time with its historic architecture. Fresh amenities and modern appliances create a comfortable and cool atmosphere for guests.


Couple at Charlton