Your dark sky destination for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. In the heart of the Genesee River Valley, Livingston County, New York will be in the path of totality for the Great North American Eclipse - a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024.


Start Planning Your Trip to LivCo for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Campgrounds & RV Parks

Fall asleep to the sound of the crackling fire and chirping crickets, and wake up to the colors of the sunrise over the Genesee River Valley. New York State campgrounds are the perfect blend of rustic and comfortable, affording you amenities like flushing toilets, showers, and even a pool while enjoying sleeping under the stars. 

Our outdoor playground provides hours of recreational opportunities for all ages and outdoor experience levels. Whether you want to stay where there’s running water or journey into the backcountry, you’ll find the perfect site below.

Leave behind the worries and fast pace of daily life on our miles of trails and fill your mind with the sights and sounds of the forest.

Picture this: after a long day of exploring the winding trails and soaking up the scenic views of the Genesee River Valley, you head back to camp for a pre-dinner nap. Your tent awaits, but instead of an inflatable bed, you snuggle down on a luxurious queen-size…