Museums & History

LivCo has a rich history of arts and cultures, and nowhere is that better captured than in our museums. Explore the history of the region, shaped by glaciers at the end of the last ice age, and dive into the culture of the Indigenous Americans who settled this land for thousands of years. While some of our museums look traditional, others are quirky and off the beaten path and all are worth exploring. Many offer low-cost or free admission, and some have limited hours, so give them a ring before you head out.

The Genesee River Valley has it all – from pristine forests and heart-stopping thrills to cozy main streets dotted with small businesses perfect for a leisurely afternoon of shopping. 

Bring something home that makes that “special trip feeling” last just a little longer. 

The Inspirations Trail is a 90-mile, self-guided route exploring the art of Livingston County. From large-scale murals on buildings to sculptures and storefront displays — we challenge you to find all the art in the Heart of the Genesee River Valley.

Heading out on the town tonight? LivCo is home to plenty of spots to enjoy your night, whether that’s with good food, craft beverages, live music, or bar games.

There’s no feeling of rejuvenation like immersing yourself in the majestic Genesee River Valley, exploring the lake shores and riverbanks, and breathing in the fresh air.