Historic Geneseo is the county seat of Livingston and home to the SUNY Geneseo, a state school with a stunning campus overlooking the valley. The name Geneseo comes from the Iroquois town that once stood here, Gen-nis-he-yo, meaning beautiful valley. 

The town was established at the end of the 18th century and grew with the arrival of the Wadsworth Brothers, whose homestead you can still explore during your visit. Geneseo’s idyllic village makes it an ideal home for people who work in Rochester, sitting just 30 miles south of the city along highway 390. Its proximity to Conesus Lake also makes it a popular summer destination for Rochester residents looking for a day of lake fun in the sun. 

Geneseo’s Main Street is a mix of historical buildings, natural scenery, and modern essentials. Wandering down the street will take you past a mix of shops, restaurants, and taverns, some with deep community roots. Here you’ll find the historic Big Tree Inn, the popular Bar-Eat-O, Aunt Cookie’s Sub Shop, and Deer Run Winery. To learn more about the history of Geneseo, check out the interactive neighborhood map created by The Association for the Preservation of Geneseo (APOG).

Once you’re done exploring the village, head to the SUNY campus and find the Roemer Arboretum to explore a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond cabin. For the best sunset views in town, stop by the gazebo in the center of campus.

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