Autism Nature Trail

The Autism Nature Trail (A.N.T. for short) is the first-of-its-kind interactive nature trail for everyone - especially visitors on the autism spectrum and those with different levels of abilities. This safe and accessible trail is one mile long with sensory stations to create an interactive experience for individuals to explore nature. These stations allow participants to get hands-on with natural materials, listen to the sounds of the forest, and run, jump, and play in the woods. This trail is accessible from the Humphrey Nature Center.

Explore Ten Stations On The Autism Nature Trail

  1. Sensory Station: A collection of leaves, moss, fossils, and animal fur to touch, handle, and smell
  2. Sunshine Slope: A gentle maze that includes a viewing platform, three cocoons, and "Alone Zone"
  3. Music Circle: A variety of nature-inspired musical instruments encouraging creativity
  4. Curiosity Corner: A gliding seat, ant-shaped boulders, and access to a cut-through back to the beginning of the trail
  5. Reflection Knoll: A quiet halfway point under a canopy of trees, with etchings of woodland creatures hidden in the boulders
  6. Meadow Run and Climb: A place to run, jump and balance along beams and an obstacle course
  7. Design Zone: A space where visitors can manipulate materials into patterns and structures
  8. Playful Path: A place of twisting paths with surfaces including coarse gravel, log rounds, and sand
  9. Caroline's Nook: An area of carefully spaced seating set under a natural canopy
  10. Celebration Station: A final stop for visitors to express themselves through writing and drawing
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