Breakfast & Brunch

It’s the most important meal of the day! Start your day off right with a hearty (or light) breakfast at one of several restaurants that specialize in the first meal of the day. From yogurt and pancakes to cinnamon rolls and the whole breakfast platter, there are food options to fill every tummy. 

If you prefer brunch, you’re in luck. We take bottomless mimosas almost as seriously as we take playtime. You’ll find classics like French toast and egg sandwiches, but you’ll also find some local favorites like breakfast burgers and mac and cheese below.

A coffee and a sweet treat- what could be better? Our locally owned bakeries and coffee shops offer roasted blends and freshly baked treats with a vibe you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether you take your coffee black with one sugar or in an iced latte…

Perfect for a picnic, bike ride, or just a casual stroll, LivCo’s many parks and gardens offer a country retreat in the midst of modern conveniences. It’s never too busy to stop and smell the flowers!