Cabins & Glamping

Picture this: after a long day of exploring the winding trails and soaking up the scenic views of the Genesee River Valley, you head back to camp for a pre-dinner nap. Your tent awaits, but instead of an inflatable bed, you snuggle down on a luxurious queen-size mattress with plush pillows and blankets!

Escaping to the woods doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort at our glamping sites and cabins. Perfect for a girl’s trip, romantic getaway, or a solo weekend to rest and recharge, our glamping sites provide peace, comfort, and some seriously awesome shots for the ‘gram. Check out our cabins and glamping sites below.

We don’t have a favorite season, but if we did, it might be fall. What’s not to love? The changing leaves turn a world of green into a kaleidoscope of blazing colors