Pronounced “none-day,” Nunda takes its name from the Seneca name for the area, Nunda-wa-ono. A popular translation is “where the valley meets the hills,” and that’s an accurate descriptor of Nunda! 

Self-described as “a nice place to live,” Nunda makes up for being off the beaten track with proximity to the stunning waterfalls and extensive trail system of Letchworth State Park. Located in the southern part of Livingston County at the junction of Routes 408 & 436, visitors to the popular Swain Ski Resort and Genesee Valley Greenway pass through the heart of Nunda. The quaint village has a picturesque village square where you can find several boutique shops, a pharmacy, and restaurants. 

Where To Play In:

Nunda, New York

Spend time exploring the Village of Nunda and surrounding outdoor recreation destinations. From Woodlynn Hills Golf Course to Letchworth State Park, you'll always find adventure in the outdoors during your trip. Explore the brochure below or click here to download your own copy.