THE GENESEE RIVER VALLEY HAS IT ALL – from pristine forests and heart-stopping thrills to cozy main streets dotted with independent businesses perfect for a leisurely afternoon of shopping. With so many attractions, it can be a little overwhelming to find what you’re looking for — that's why we've curated content for you to explore. In Livingston County, the fun begins wherever you prefer. The Genesee River Valley is the adventurer’s dream with hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, hot air balloon rides, and many more outdoor experiences. Looking for something else? We have no shortage of wineries, breweries, boutique shops, museums, and farmer’s markets.



Arts and culture don’t take a backseat in our small towns - drama, dance, music, and film all have a home here. From concerts by the water and intimate acoustic sets to national acts, LivCo's live music scene brings something new to the stage (or street) every day of the year. Grab a drink and listen to a performance at a craft brewery or bring a lawn chair and settle in for a night of music in the park. Our larger venues bring in musical acts of all genres, so there’s always something to jam out to.


Woman Dancing at Homestead



LivCo has a rich history of arts and cultures, and nowhere is that better captured than in our museums. Explore the history of the region, shaped by glaciers at the end of the last ice age, and dive into the culture of the Indigenous Americans who settled this land for thousands of years. While some of our museums look traditional, others are quirky and off the beaten path and all are worth exploring. Many offer low-cost or free admission, and some have limited hours, so give them a ring before you head out.


Two Women at Big Springs Museum



Bring something home that makes that “special trip feeling” last just a little longer. With dozens of local boutique shops and independent retailers, it would be hard not to find something that brings back fond memories of your LivCo getaway. Not sure what to buy? Pick up a gift card for the next time you visit.


Couple Shopping for Clothes



The bright and beautiful flavors of Livingston County come from ingredients only a few miles up the road. Get to know the farmers behind your food, the soil where it grows, and even their favorite way to cook it. Dig in and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Whether you prefer to pick-your-own produce, get to know friendly farm animals up close and personal, or tour the places where our food is lovingly grown, our agritourism destinations are a wonderful way to get to know the area on a deeper level.


Alpaca at Hemlock Hills