Vibrant palettes have replaced the monochromatic blanket of snow.


One of the best parts about spring’s arrival is the colors returning to our rolling hills and woodlands. Head outside and experience the vibrant palettes of green, yellow, blue, and red that make up the landscape of LivCo.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the blooms of spring, here’s where to take your camera and snap some insta-worthy selfies.

Palmiter's Garden Nursery

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Location: Avon, New York
Visit: All Season Long


No one welcomes the return of spring more than Palmiter’s Garden Nursery. This garden, nursery, flower hybrid incubator holds one of the first signs of the warming weather when their green perennial sprouts poke up.

The show starts with the Hellebore bloom but really picks up in later spring when the peonies start to blossom. Palmiter’s is home to over 50 varietals of peonies, some over 45 years old! If you want to see more, just ask for a guided garden tour.

You can simply soak in the sights of their professional garden or load up on annuals, perennials, trees, and other plants for your home. They have common annuals and perennials like lilacs and hydrangeas, but they also have unusual plants like spirea, quince, and viburnum. Have questions about starting your own garden? This is where the experts are.

Bluebell Hike

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Location: Geneseo, New York
Visit: May 7, 2022


Bluebells are a transplant flower to the Genesee River Valley, their beauty has captivated generations of local flower enthusiasts. Once a year, on a private piece of land, the woods transform from lush green to vibrant hues as the bluebells bloom. When the flowers open, the Genesee Valley Conservancy leads guided tours to the field. You’ll embark on a 3.5-mile journey through the woods to the place where these tiny flowers transform the forest into a magical wonderland. The free hike takes 1 to 2 hours, and donations are appreciated to help support over 20,000 acres of land under the Genesee Valley Conservancy protection. Please note you need to pre-register for this event on their website


Bluebell Field

Poppies Memorial

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Location: Groveland, New York
Visit: All Season Long


You might spot these poppies out of nowhere while driving through Groveland, New York. As a memorial to Livingston County Veterans, this permanent art installation is a must-stop while exploring the Genesee River Valley.

When this Livingston County Veterans Memorial was conceived, it wasn’t enough to just have seasonal blooms - each of the 250 metal poppies is hand-welded by a local veteran, with a dog tag dedicated to each soldier. This memorial is a lasting reminder of gratitude, family, and service and the dynamic flowers are the perfect backdrop to capture a photo of the whole family.


Woman Selfie Poppies

Livonia Blooms

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Location: Livonia, New York
Visit: All Season Long


Check out the newest mural in the Village of Livonia. Created by renowned muralist, Shawn Dunwoody, "Livonia Blooms" is the picture-perfect spot to capture photos with your friends and family. Bring your kids to enjoy larger-than-life sunflowers, lilacs, and more.

This mural is a part of the Inspirations Trail, a 90-mile self-guided public art trail through the nine villages of Livingston County. Explore more about the Inspirations Trail online.


Kids Jumping in Front of Mural

Peony Festival at Linwood Gardens

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Location: Linwood, New York
Visit: The Weekends of May 21st and 22nd, May 28th and 29th, and June 4th and 5th


Linwood Gardens is a countryside gem, a lavish early 20th-century garden with pools and fountains overlooking the Genesee River Valley. This privately-owned estate opens every May to the public to celebrate the Peony Festival. Hundreds of Japanese and American tree peonies burst into bloom, transforming this already-stunning land into an otherworldly secret garden. Wander the walled trails, soak in the sights and scents of spring, and let the peace of nature wash over you.