As seen in Step Out Buffalo


By now, it’s no secret that Western New York is a top-tier destination for all things public art. It seems like just about anywhere you go within the region, you’re met with Instagram-worthy murals that span the length of entire buildings, bringing our communities to life with their vibrant and vivid colors. Every new installation brings a little bit of magic— not to mention an ideal spot to snap a quick selfie. 

In case you missed it in your mural hunting endeavors, Livingston County recently installed nine new full-scale murals during the first ever county-wide mural festival in New York State. This massive festival took place back in July 2022 and welcomed a number of highly talented artists from around the world. (Plus a few local artists, too!)

Located in each one of Livingston County’s nine villages, each of the nine new murals are inspired by a fascinating fact or a little-known story that commemorates the history of each village. And with the weather slowly warming up as we blossom into spring, now is the perfect time to plan a day trip or weekend getaway to check them all out. 


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