Here in LivCo, we take our craft brews as seriously as we take having a good time. Our rich farmlands create the perfect growing conditions for wheat and hops, allowing our brewers to craft and create wholly unique craft and microbrews. 

Craft beverage is a strong industry across New York, and LivCo is no exception.  Whether you prefer stouts, lagers, or ales, you’ll find a brew to make you raise your glass in cheer!

Sports bar or craft cocktails? A cold draught of your favorite lager, or try something new? You don’t have to decide- the night is young!

The tradition of small family wineries is alive and well on the western edge of the Finger Lakes. You’ll find them sprinkled throughout the region...

Ever tried farm-to-table spirits? There’s no other kind around here! Visit our local distillery to try some of their specialties.