2023 Winter Travel Guide

PRISTINE, SNOW-LADEN FIELDS AND forests, awash in bright white. The frozen expanses of the lakes, surrounded by frosty shoreline. The crisp, winter air filled with fluttering snowflakes. When winter comes to LivCo, it brings all the beauty of the season with it. A comfy, warm coat, snow and ice-ready boots, and a plan to try all of the outdoor experiences of LivCo will ensure you leave with a new appreciation for the season.

Winter in LivCo kicks off right before the holidays running all the way through maple syrup season. For those who are accustomed to warmer climates, this may seem like an extensive amount of time to spend huddled up indoors, for those who know and love LivCo well, the season and its temperatures bring ample ways to play outdoors and so many experiences that simply can’t be had in the spring, summer or autumn. 

Falling temperatures bring ample snowfall, calling to avid skiers (both cross-country and downhill), skaters, and snowshoers, who can’t wait to grab their gear and head outside for a day of invigorating fun. If you’re among them, you’ll have no problem finding a great spot to explore the snow, whether at a resort, inn, or park.

The holiday season provides plenty of festive fun, too, with special events and gift-shopping opportunities aplenty. However, the festivities hardly conclude with New Year’s. The celebrations continue with St. Patrick’s Day and Maple Weekends at Letchworth State Park.

Prefer to cozy up during the winter months? Our inns, bed and breakfasts, pubs, resorts, and more are ready to welcome you with a warm beverage and a toasty fire. Just one word of advice: Make sure you come prepared during your winter trip to LivCo.

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