Our lakes are just as worthy of a visit as the Genesee River! LivCo lies on the western edge of the Finger Lakes, home to two of the eleven lakes, Conesus and Hemlock. These uniquely shaped lakes were carved out by retreating glaciers at the end of the last ice age.

Conesus Lake (pronounced con-ee-shis) takes its name from the Iroquois word “Gah-Ne-A-Sos” meaning the berry place. Conesus is on the smaller end of the Finger Lakes, but what it lacks in surface area, it makes up for in heart. Conesus offers year-round fun for visitors, from the Ring of Fire celebration on July 3rd to ice fishing in the winter. Spend a day playing and dining on the lake, or extend your stay at one of the many vacation rentals

Hemlock Lake was named for the translation of the Seneca name for the lake, O-neh-da Te-car-ne-o-di. Hemlock Lake is smaller than Conesus Lake, with one big difference- it’s virtually undeveloped. These pristine woodlands create the peaceful, secluded atmosphere of an area far more remote. Enjoy a day fishing, canoeing, or relaxing on the beach. If you want to take the boat for a spin, you’ll be back in no time- it only takes 30 minutes to circle the lake!

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Long considered the “jewel” of Livingston County, Conesus Lake is the western-most Finger Lake in Upstate New York and is known the world over as year-round fishing, sporting and recreation destination.

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Hemlock Lake is one of the Finger Lakes and is the most undeveloped and pristine of the Finger Lakes, just 45 minutes from Rochester. Relax at Hemlock Lake Park on the north shore, where you’ll also find a boat launch for both mechanical and non-mechanical…