Get out your smartphone and make sure Instagram is downloaded because we have spots in LivCo that will brighten up your profile. Murals have been popping up in our region for several years now so plan an awesome photo adventure for you and your friends on a sunny day. Be sure to use the hashtag #LivCoNY when posting your rad pics so we can see what you come up with!

Road trip around nine villages to see the nine murals of LivCo Walls, a 2021 mural festival that brought nine international artists to the region to create large-scale murals over three weeks. The project is part of the Inspirations Trail, a 90-mile, self-guided art trail where you can discover all types of public art.

Adventure into the downtown districts of Avon, Caledonia, Dansville, Geneseo, Leicester, Lima, Livonia, Mount Morris, and Nunda and you will find nine Instagram-worthy murals, inspired by the story of each village. Each of the nine murals has a plaque with an accompanying QR code so curious visitors can scan for a video interview with the artist. In addition to the nine murals of LivCo Walls, you'll find additional murals in Mount Morris (painted by Rochester-based muralist Shawn Dunwoody), the first art alleyway in the county in Mount Morris, and several more Insta-worthy murals in the village of Livonia plus their pet-friendly Artpark.

Horse Country

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Located at 79 Genesee Street, Avon

Spot this mural, painted by Miami-based Ivan J. Roque, heading downhill from Genesee Street just steps from the newly renovated Avon Park Theater. Horse Country is inspired by the story of the ​​Genesee Valley Breeders Association - the oldest thoroughbred breeding organization in the United States that was established in 1914 by Mrs. Herbert Wadsworth who helped develop cavalry horses for WWI - the “light horse” and the standard Genesee Valley Hunter. The Genesee Valley Breeders Show was one of the oldest horse shows in the country where local farmers would walk their stallions to the Avon Driving Park.

Muralist Ivan J. Roque is a Cuban-American artist whose influences range from Caravaggio, Marc Rothko, and Alexander McQueen to Gianni Versace and Nychos. Roque has worked with rapper Denzel Curry as well as collaborated with major brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, and FormulaOne. He has traveled extensively for shows in New York City, Dubai, and Seoul, the Sprayseemo Mural Festival and Pow Wow Worcester, and has been commissioned in cities across the United States.


Horse Country

Trout Culture

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Located at 3103 Main Street, Caledonia

Located on the side of Cozy Kitchen, Trout Culture gives visitors an underwater perspective as an ode to the story of Seth Green, “Father of Fish Culture in North America” who established the first fish hatchery in the Western Hemisphere in Caledonia in 1864. Green started with Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout which prefer clear waters of high purity and a narrow pH range. After traveling the country to find the perfect conditions, he settled on the waters of Spring Creek, a clear, cold (52 degrees year round) spring-fed creek that courses through Caledonia. The hatchery is still in operation today and is open to visitors year-round.

Muralist Tim Parsley, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, navigates American history and the complicated effect of its constructive ambition through intricate murals found across the country. With a focus on the origin stories of America, Parsley appropriates and pieces together scraps of historic imagery and collective memory, reconstructing the American narrative of progress to reveal and reinterpret nostalgic anxiety about the past.


Family at Trout Culture Mural

Wild Mustang

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Located at 175 Main Street, Dansville

Walk down Main Street and you're sure to see this colorful masterpiece on the side of Caffe Tazza. Wild Mustang, inspired by equestrian history in the region, portrays a larger-than-life mustang running wild, highlighting the connection between civilization and nature, something muralist Arlin Graff aims to incorporate into all his pieces.

Arlin Graff was born in the city of Tatuí, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. As a child, he loved to play with wood blocks, assembling them in a small woodshed where his father made bird cages. He graduated with a degree in industrial design and began painting using deconstructionism, inspired by his childhood, creating a very distinct style. Beyond just painting in the streets, the artist moved toward fine arts in a more elaborate form. Animals became Arlin’s principal theme, creating a species of synthetic nature fragmented by the influence of the modern technological world. Today, his murals can be found around the world, bringing more color to city walls.


Wild Mustang Mural

Located at 125 Main Street, Geneseo

At the corner of Main and Chestnut Street in Geneseo, Wisdom is the largest mural in LivCo. Painted by husband-wife team, KEY DETAIL, Wisdom blends nature and education, inspired by the culture of Geneseo. In the 1870s, the Wadsworth brothers established the Normal School for education which later became SUNY Geneseo, just steps away from the mural. The college is a key part of the village and makes the area a hub for arts and cultural events, offering lectures, live music performances, and dramatic productions showcasing diverse cultures. In combination with references to the college, in the mural you'll see nods to the nature of the region including waterfalls, acorns, and colors of the iconic Genesee River Valley sunset.

Muralist team, KEY DETAIL, is an internationally renowned duo, originally from Minsk, Belarus, that works on large-scale murals, paintings, and illustrations out of New York City. Andrei Krautsou and Julia Yu-Baba have been creating mural art for more than 20 years, and the artistic map of KEY DETAIL includes murals in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.


Women in Front of Wisdom Mural

Located at 134 Main Street, Leicester

Inspired by the motto, "Little Village with a Big Heart", common to anyone familiar with the small village of Leicester, Big Heart is hard to miss when wandering through this village. This mural was painted by the Kentucky-based artist, Kacy Jackson, and is located on the side of a building that was once known as the Leicester Casino. This destination was a center for live entertainment and weddings from the 1930s to the 1950s. It played host to well-known bands including music-legend Chubby Checkers whose song, "Let's Twist Again" was a #1 hit. He played there along with other famous bands including Buddie Rich. Also depicted on the mural is one of the main features of the village, the park gazebo, where concerts are held every summer.

Muralist, Kacy Jackson, from Louisville, Kentucky, is an experienced artist and creative director with a demonstrated history of working in the public art and fine art industries. Recent work includes the official 2022 Kentucky Derby poster – and at just 30 years old, Jackson has lost count of how many murals he has completed.


Leicester Mural Big Heart

Farmer's Spectrum

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Located at 1883 Rochester Street, Lima

In a rural region like LivCo, it's only appropriate to have a mural celebrating the produce of our area. Farmer’s Spectrum, painted by muralist Abigail Penfold, depicts a variety of fruits and vegetables common to the Genesee River Valley in a rainbow of color. Agriculture has been a major contributor to the economy of Lima since its beginnings, which is located on Route 5 & 20, a main road to the west. Lima locals are proud of the small-town character, scenic rolling hills, and agricultural land home to some of the highest-quality soils in the country.

Muralist Abigail Penfold is from East Aurora, New York, just south of Buffalo. She has had an interest in art since she was a small child and received her B.F.A. from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2011, focusing on drawing and painting. After undergrad, she traveled out west to California where she gained a painting assistantship with a world-renowned Trompe L'oeil artist learning to paint and install large-scale, realistic murals. Farmer's Spectrum allowed Abigail to achieve her dream of painting larger-than-life produce and continues to spend her time focusing on murals, oil paintings, and pyrography.


Women Taking Selfie Farmers Spectrum

First Flight

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Located at 16 Commercial Street, Livonia

Did you know Hemlock Lake is the site of New York’s longest-known nesting location for the bald eagle? First Flight pays tribute to the repopulation of bald eagles in the region. The work done to restore nesting bald eagles to the state has resulted in over 300 bald eagle nests - with dozens in the area. They are no longer endangered and are now a common yet exciting sight.

Muralist Justin Suarez – also known as “Aerosol Kingdom” – from Rochester, New York, uses spray paint to celebrate wildlife through art. With over 20 years of experience, he has painted murals across the country. Not only does he paint birds, Suarez works with them at Wild Wings Animal Sanctuary in Upstate New York. Suarez also co-founded Roc Paint Division, the City of Rochester’s Youth Mural Arts Program. Roc Paint Division’s mission is to beautify the city’s R-Centers through mural arts while providing employment and training opportunities to young developing artists. Now in its seventh year, the program has enriched the lives of over 50 individual youth, allowing them to leave their mark behind to inspire future generations.


First Flight Mural Selfie

Flowers of Letchworth

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Located at 83 Main Street, Mount Morris

Painted by Louise (née Chen) Jones, also known as Ouizi, was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently lives in Detroit, Michigan. She is known around the world for her large-scale flower murals, and her techniques are informed by her education in drawing and printmaking, as well as an early introduction to Georgia O’Keeffe.

Flowers of Letchworth uses larger-than-life florals and negative space to depict the natural flora and fauna found at Letchworth State Park, just minutes down the road from the mural. The most popular entrance to the park is close to Main Street in Mount Morris and Letchworth is popular as a place for scenic drives, hiking & biking, whitewater rafting, hot air ballooning, and camping. Visitors to the area will find native wildflowers including Tiger Daylilies, Queen Anne's Laced, ferns of all kinds, Black Eyed Susan's, Purple Loosestrifes, white Trillium, and yellow mountain saxifrages. One of the most prominent flowers of the mural is Milkweed, a primary food source for the recently endangered Monarch butterflies common to the region.


People at Flowers of Letchworth Mural

Located at 60 North State Street, Nunda

Spot another flowery mural, Seed, painted by Matthew Mederer from Chicago, Illinois on your way into the Village of Nunda. Mederer, a self-taught artist, has been pushing boundaries and promoting original ideas through his artwork for over 20 years. His depth and breadth of styles – ranging from graffiti to realism – have helped him realize an original body of work with a signature style combining realism and optical illusions.

Seed was inspired by Burt’s Seeds, a highly popular seed company known for beautiful lithographic packets that have been featured in magazines. Burt's Seed was founded in the region and was founded over 100 years ago in 1896 and remained in business until 1940. In April of 2013, the United States Post Office offered a first-class stamp series called "Vintage Seed Packets" which relied heavily on Burt’s Seed Packets. Today you can see images of W.D. Burt Seed packets on coffee cups, sachets, towels, wallpaper and framed prints – and it all started with Burt's giant pumpkin!


Couple Selfie Seed Mural