Nine Villages. Nine Murals. Nine Festivals.

LivCo Walls Mural Festival will bring world-class artists to create nine high-quality murals — one in each village of Livingston County during the month of July. The murals will be unveiled over the course of three weekends with festivals in each village.


This year, a new kind of festival is coming to Livingston County.

Everyone wants to live somewhere beautiful. When art meets public space, the end result is more than a mural, it’s an inviting gathering space for locals and visitors alike. 

At the intersection of art and community, the LivCo Walls Mural Festival celebrates the people and spaces that make our communities great. Over the course of three weeks, from July 9th to July 23rd, nine world-class artists will converge in LivCo to create stunning murals in nine villages. 

Each mural will be painted by a skilled muralist who was competitively selected to work in LivCo and has a matter of weeks to turn their vision into a reality. 

Each of these villages has a vibrant, beating heart that welcomes residents and visitors alike to wander the walkable streets, visit family-owned businesses, and enjoy a sense of life without all the hustle and bustle. These murals are more than intricately designed works of art, they provide a vibrant backdrop and a sense of pride for our communities. 

The purpose of art is to bring people together, so over the course of the mural festival, there will also be events and celebrations! Enjoy food, drinks, dancing, and laughter as we gather to celebrate the best of what it means to be a community. 


Follow the Art

Discover Miles of Art on the Inspirations Trail. The Livingston County Inspirations Trail started in 2020 as a way to promote public art in the downtown districts of our nine villages. 

The Inspirations Trail was created as a 90-mile self-guided art tour through the nine downtowns district of Livingston County. The mission of the trail is to use art to inspire and encourage locals and visitors to discover new businesses and destinations. Artists will create sustainable public art pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

From downtown villages to inspiring views — this is a trail of Inspiration. Murals, sculptures, storefront displays — we challenge you to find them all! Find out more about the trail at

Meet the muralists of #LivCoWalls joining us from around the world...

Ivan Roque

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From Miami, Florida
Painting in the Village of Avon

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Ivan J. Roque is a Cuban-American artist from Miami, Florida with a passion for the concepts of birth, death, time, renewal and social dynamics. He has a Bachelor's of Art degree in Visual Arts and is primarily a spray paint and acrylic artist that has been doing murals internationally since 2010.


Avon Muralist LivCo Walls

Tim Parsley

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From Fort Wayne, Indiana
Painting in the Village of Caledonia

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Tim Parsley is a public artist, educator, and professor of studio art at the University of Saint Francis teaching courses in mural painting and public art. He has created numerous large-scale murals, nationally and internationally and utilizes references from American history in his work.


Caledonia LivCo Walls Muralist

Arlin Graff

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From São Paulo, Brazil
Painting in the Village of Dansville

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Arlin Graff is Brazilian, with a very distinct style that gives life to his abstract creations which seem to be emerging from a digital work. Graff’s work represents a type of deconstructionism, inspired by his childhood and his art can be found all over the globe, from Brazil to France.


Dansville LivCo Walls Muralist


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From Minsk, Belarus
Painting in the Village of Geneseo

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Internationally renowned KEY DETAIL is a husband-wife team. Andrei Krautsou and Julia Yu-Baba are mural artists who also work with paintings and illustrations, creating mural art for more than twenty years. They travel with their two young children, Max and Andy.


Key Detail Geneseo Muralists

Kacy Jackson

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From Louisville, Kentucky
Painting in the Village of Leicester

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A Louisville native, Kacy Jackson is best known for his brightly colored murals around Louisville, Kentucky, including one of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. He launched his own business, The Art of Kacy, in 2017. 


Muralist in Leicester LivCo Walls

Abigail Penfold

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From East Aurora, New York
Painting in the Village of Lima

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Abigail Penfold is a working artist/painter from East Aurora, New York who primarily uses acrylics and oils. She received a B.F.A. concentrating in painting and drawing from SUNY Plattsburgh and spent many years in California working for a trompe l'oeil mural painter while developing her own murals and canvas pieces.


Lima Artist LivCo Walls

Justin Suarez

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From Rochester, New York
Painting in the Village of Livonia

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Born on a family farm in upstate New York, Justin Suarez is an artist who brings together the rural and the urban. Celebrating wildlife, he paints flora and fauna flawlessly over concrete and brick. With over 18 years of experience, he is able to capture the majesty of the natural world through his explosive graphics and remarkable technique.


Muralist Livonia

From Detroit, Michigan
Painting in the Village of Mount Morris

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Louise Jones aka 0uizi (née Chen), was born and raised in Santa Monica, California and is best known for her large-scale floral mural installations, often depicting site-specific plants and animals. Her techniques are informed by her education in drawing and printmaking, as well as an early introduction to Georgia O’Keeffe.


Mount Morris Muralist

Matthew Mederer

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From Chicago, Illinois
Painting in the Village of Nunda

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A self-taught artist, Matthew Mederer, has been pushing boundaries and promoting original ideas through his artwork for over 20 years. His depth and breadth of styles, ranging from graffiti to realism, has helped him realize an original body of work with a signature style combining realism and optical illusions. 


Muralist Nunda LivCo Walls

Meet two locals helping create public art.


Public art enriches communities and beautifies villages. We aim to include locals in the creation of beautiful art through an educational apprentice program this summer.  

In addition to the nine world-class muralists visiting Livingston County this summer, we are excited to incorporate apprentices in the LivCo Walls Mural Festival! The Apprentice Program offers aspiring artists the chance to garner valuable experience installing large-scale murals with our festival muralists. Apprentices will learn how to scale a mural design to fit a building, learn about different mediums, and expand their artist network! All nine muralists will work with apprentices including two of our local apprentices below. 


Erin Sweeney

Erin Sweeney grew up on Conesus Lake and now lives in Geneseo where she runs a small framing business. Erin is an acrylic painter and collage artist in the early stages of building her art career. Erin applied to be an apprentice because she loves Geneseo, wants to see it elevated through art, and learn from an experienced muralist.


Erin Sweeney Apprentice


Bill White

Owner of the Caledonia studio, the Village Gallery, Bill White has been a professional painter for 60 years. Bill spent over 40 years as a Professor at Hollins University teaching Drawing and Painting and Modern Art History. Bill will apprentice in Caledonia on a mural just steps away from his studio.


Bill White Apprentice