Summer isn’t summer without ice cream, but a good cone (or cup, whatever your preference) is never too far away in LivCo. Many of LivCo’s ice cream parlors and creameries are seasonal. Locals and frequent LivCo visitors alike will spend months waiting for their favorites to open up again for the summer, just so they can get a taste. As such, don’t be surprised if you find a line at the order window. Don’t worry, though — the short wait will be more than worth it. 

Where should you go for the best frozen and frosty sweet treats in LivCo? Give one of these tried-and-true options a visit.

Kish-a-wa Creamery

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In Nunda, look for the brown cow on the sign and possibly a horse at the drive-thru window. That’ll tell you that you’re at the right place: Kish-a-wa Creamery, offering hundreds of flavors and varieties, from classic custards to artisan ice cream. 

Beyond your standard sorbets, sundaes, shakes, smoothies, and splits, the creamery also serves creative concoctions that you won’t find anywhere else — like the Cows Jumping on the Bed, which combines fresh-baked banana bread with vanilla custard, banana slices, and marshmallow cream, before being topped with walnuts, crushed pretzels and a cherry on top. 

Prefer to wait until after dinner for dessert? Sandwiches, fries and hot dogs are also on the menu. 


Ice Cream at Kish-a-wa

Twisters Ice Cream

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Twisters has been a seasonal favorite of Livonia locals since 2004, serving over 40 flavors of custard and homemade hard ice cream. Dig into a dish of Cinnamon Churro ice cream, a cookie bottom sundae, or even a classic slush puppy.

Six Sprouts Farm Market

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Another year-round favorite is Six Sprouts Farm Market. Connecting shoppers to local producers and makers in the Avon area, Six Sprouts Farm Market offers not just local foods and products, but also artisan ice cream, locally roasted coffee, and baked goods. The boutique-style farm market is open every day of the week, starting as early as 7 a.m. on weekdays, so you can get your sugary fix at nearly any hour.

Minnehan’s Fun Center

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Ice cream is just the beginning of all the fun to be had at Minnehan’s. You could plan to spend an entire afternoon with the family here. Start with lunch in the full-service, family-owned restaurant, known for its excellent dogs, burgers, fried fish, and other summer eats. Then, move on to the seasonal ice cream stand and grab a cone or cup of your favorite flavor. Next up, it’s time for a little friendly competition, with a trip to the fun center’s batting cages, arcade, or go-kart track. 

All the while, you’re just a short distance from Conesus Lake, making Minnehan’s a great addition to your itinerary if you just need a few hours out of the sun or if the weather cancels your boating plans for the day. 


Girl with Ice Cream

Reminisce Soda Fountain

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A truly nostalgic experience, stopping at Reminisce Soda Fountain will transport you back to the 1950s with authentic decor, a classic soda fountain, ice cream and milkshakes, and homemade comfort foods. At Reminisce, many of the recipes have been handed down through generations using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

The Barn Restaurant

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Enjoy the nostalgic experience of a 1950s diner at The Barn Restaurant where you'll find vintage décor, toys, and more that create the feeling of stepping back in time. Serving up Perry's hard ice cream, you'll have tons of flavors to choose from. If you're looking for something else sweet, The Barn serves up donuts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ice Cream Island

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This tiny spot in Dansville makes a big impact, with its top-rated selection of soft serve and hard ice cream, soft custard, and other frozen delights, combined with Zweigle’s hot dogs and a top-notch, convenient location. Stop by before or after a trip to the nearby Stony Brook State Park, grab a picnic table on the deck or in the shade, and make some memories. You’ll quickly see why Ice Cream Island is one of the absolute favorite ice cream spots in LivCo.

Zeppo’s Creekside Creamery

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While many of LivCo’s best ice cream stops are seasonal, you will still find a few here and there that are serving up the frosty good stuff even when it’s frosty outside — like Zeppo’s Creekside Creamery

Satisfy your sweet tooth two ways here. Start with an order of handcrafted ice cream in classic and seasonal flavors ranging from chocolate peanut butter cup to apple cider donut. Then, move on to the other sweet treats in the shop, such as the fudge, chocolates and other confections that make the perfect gift for someone back home (or just for yourself!). 


Zeppos Sign

Moonie’s Two Scoops

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Hard ice cream, soft serve, Italian ice, floats, sundaes, slush puppies, milkshakes — Moonie’s Two Scoops has it all, plus more! However, this seasonal stop’s milkshakes are what really sets it apart from any other place in LivCo. 

These milkshakes are big, bold, over-the-top, eye-catching, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth’s every fantasy. Think chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake overflowing with whipped cream, cookie crumbs, and chocolate chips, and then topped with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Or, how about a peanut butter shake topped with chocolate whipped cream and an entire Reese’s brownie (and the cup’s rim is even coated in Reese’s Pieces!)? 

It doesn’t get any more decadent than this.

Interested in something a little different? Lake BBQ serves up Italian-style gelato by the scoop in a variety of flavors including Cookies and Cream, Pistachio, Nutella, and Strawberry. In addition to this chilled treat, enjoy other sweet treats and desserts, flatbread pizzas, and BBQ classics, of course, at Lake BBQ conveniently located in the Village of Livonia just minutes from Conesus Lake.


Girl Looking at Gelato at Lake BBQ

LTF Ice Cream

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You might know them for trees, but Letson Tree Farm is home to year-round activities. From May to September, stop by LTC Ice Cream in Groveland to enjoy Perry's ice cream, milkshakes, floats, and hot fudge sundaes.

YoBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar

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Prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream? LivCo has you covered there, too. Try the YoBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar in Geneseo, for a wide selection of flavors and a topping bar filled with all the candy you could need to craft your own fro-yo creation.  

Ice Cream Float

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You don't even have to leave the water to grab ice cream in LivCo! On a hot summer's day look out for the Ice Cream Float on Conesus Lake, serving ice cream directly from a small fishing boat on the water. Hail down the Ice Cream Float for ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and much more. Enjoy classics like chocolate and vanilla ice cream while lounging on your boat or floating down the lake in a kayak.