Wintertime is no time for hibernation! Pack your coziest base layers and warmest gloves, and get ready for a frozen adventure. Hundreds of hiking trails winding through county parks and state lands take cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and those seeking sublime silence through pristine winter woods. Whether you prefer to hit the trails, downtowns, or both, there are so many ways to get out and play in the snow!


Winter fun doesn’t have to be an adrenaline rush (no offense, sledders). With the right clothes (and attitude) you can spend a magical day on the trails exploring the icy beauty of winter on snowshoes. 

Snowshoeing combines the full-body workout of cross-country skiing with the serenity and peace of hiking for an unforgettable experience. 

Take in the temporary beauty of winter paints in our countryside as you cross fields blanketed in snow and explore a forest set under a carpet of white. See a waterfall frozen in time, river spray turning to ice, and catch your breath under a pine tree topped with snow. 

The best part is, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Snowshoeing is the perfect choice for budget-conscious winter lovers. Bring your own snowshoes or rent a pair through Trail Otter. Located at 134 Main Street in Leicester, Trail Otter offers equipment for sale, for rent, and they can even lead you on a guided exploration of the woods.


It’s easy to write off cross-country skiing as downhill skiing’s less exciting sibling, but don’t be fooled. Unlike downhill skiing, gravity doesn’t do the work here! With your heel free from the binding, you can pick up serious speed on flat surfaces - perfect for burning off some cabin fever. 

Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to see the winter landscape of the Finger Lakes, with miles of trails crossing our hills and valleys. Get outside and get moving under the winter sky, explore the snowy hills, and make the most of this icy season. 

Best of all, cross-country skiing is remarkably accessible since all it takes are snow and skis. Bring your own skis or rent a pair through Trail Otter. 


Take in winter from a new vantage point on horseback as you ride the snowy trails of Letchworth State Park. This guided trail ride is like no other, led by world-renowned horse trainer and competitor Daisy Trayford of Letchworth Farms B&B. No previous horse experience is necessary for an unforgettable ride!

Your starting point for the hour-long trail ride is Letchworth Farms, a B&B and working horse farm owned by Daisy and her husband, Richard. From there, you’ll pass through woodlands, creeks, and scenic overlooks of the Genesee Valley River.


For an experience you can’t have anywhere else, join the Roscommon Hounds for a day of beagling. What’s beagling, you say?

Beagling is a form of hunting with man’s best friend, exploring the snowy woods in search of other creatures. You can be on foot or on horseback as the dogs run ahead. Though spying other animals like bunnies and deer isn’t uncommon, these “hunts” are just an excuse to get outside and let the dogs run.

Traditionally practiced in the United Kingdom, the Roscommon Hounds work with the Genesee Valley Conservancy (GVC) to host beagling events throughout the year. It’s a lively afternoon of fun with the dogs and after an energizing stroll, you can warm up with a cozy beverage at a tailgate “tea.” Check out the GVC website for the latest beagling events in LivCo.